Just found  very helpful sources of information about using enemas for health. Here’s one:

Optimal Health Network

The question I had was about whether vinegar is a good thing to add to an enema. So I ended up at the Optimal Health Network site.

The answer there ? NO! Adding vinegar is not a good idea.

I went to another site and there the answer was that white vinegar is ok used in a small amount like 1 table spoon or so for 2 quarts.

Yet another site was all about apple cider vinegar being great. Particularly for Candida…But only organic apple cider vinegar. This one person even included a grow picture of what came out of him after many days of fasting followed by an apple cider vinegar enema. Candida!

here’s that site: the cure zone apple cider vinegar guy yucky pic

Yeah I bet you can’t resist looking at it huh? I know I HAD to take a look.

So there seems to be a little difference of opinion on the vinegar issue.  I guess it’s one of those “try it and experience it for your self” issues. I’ll think about that for a future post.

Also I just want to add that there are some kinky porno enema videos on the web I’ve seen where milk enemas are adminstered. VERY BAD IDEA. Can you say BACTERIA?

Also not a good idea? Any kind of alcohol. Be kinky but be safe people…

Coffee enemas however, are being used to treat a number of ailments including cancer…

The basic result of exploring the health benefits of enemas is that now I don’t feel quite so weird and kinky…

I’m just another person practicing holistic self care and enjoying a little self loving at the same time..Darn!I was kind of enjoying being a fetish freak.  To be so “normal” so “sensible”…A new idea altogether. ;o)

whoops! gotta GO! ;o)

Ben Dover


I am standing at the sink washing the dishes. Hanging behind me is a traditional red enema bag. The long nozzle is buried deep in my ass. It is a challenge to keep it in as I am washing. The dishes.


As the warm water slowly seeps up into me…Taking an enema standing up keeps it from going in too deep or too fast. Why does this feel so good? Why am I so turned on by it?

And no one knows… except you.

I know you. You like it too. But you tell no one your little secret.

And as I concentrate on holding the nozzle between my cheeks while I wash a glass, a plate, a tupperware container, the coffee pot, 2 forks, 3 spoons, a butter knife and a plate, the water is slowly…

filling me up…


Oops! Gotta go!

– Ben Dover

p.s. Go with the flow! ;o)

Welcome to Erotic Enema!

I conceived of this site because there is a lot of misinformation out there about enemas and because enemas are something that were once perscribed to me for health reasons and immediately became something pleasurable.

there is also an increasing awareness out there of the pleasures of anal sex. Again an area where there is a lot of misinformation. For the pleasures of anal sex to be truly experienced, some knowledge about safe and intelligent enema practices as a preliminary is definitely in order.

In my curiosity and quest for intelligent information I have found some excellent resources I hope to share with you. I also hope to collect real stories from real people who enjoy enemas as part of their sexual and sensual play.  Names withheld of course!

In addition I hope to add some galleries for those of use who enjoy the visual…

Any other ideas? Questions? I welcome them!

Go with the Flow!

Ben Dover